I Quit Smoking Now What


I quit smoking now what.  Now i must keep my mind busy and chew new pieces of gum on a regular basis. They tell me it is the first three days that are going to be the hardest, but so far the first day was fine, no trouble at all.  The second day which is today seemed very hard and i found i could not stop eating. Right now i feel horrible, like i was forced to eat non stop to sooth a craving burning on the back of my tongue that continues to call for the taste of tobacco.  BUT I WILL NOT GIVE IN.

I will go wash and brush my mouth and tongue then maybe have a cup of tea instead of coffee. Then tomorrow will be a new day and more eating. Boo, i am going to gain lots of weight if i do not think of something else to do to calm the cravings. They say to eat oranges but i am still full from this day to eat anything.

This will just have to be mind over matter. . .I will chalk it up to things i can’t have and see how that works. Things like when i run out of peanut butter i have something else. I love toast or bread with peanut butter, when i am out i use cheese and jam.  And that is how i am going to have to deal with not smoking. I will have to put it in my mind that it is all gone and something else will have to do and not to freak out. I might let you know everyday up until i am find.



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