This can be an easy process or it can be hard. As you know there are plenty of products out there to help quit and there is always cold turkey.  Cold turkey is for the strong-willed and everything else is for people like me.  Although the only thing i am willing to try is the patch and nothing with it, except to chew lots of gum.

But what i am doing is eating and eating and going for walks. Right now i am so full,  it is uncomfortable and making me feel like i will never eat again. But i am bound and determined to quit smoking and willing to suffer, which i am doing.

I only quit yesterday morning putting on the patch and all day and into the night i felt great.  Today i seem to have a lot of energy and using it to eat and walk, mainly eat.  This is kind of funny as i do love to eat but i am starting to loath food and my head hurts, and i feel i gained a hundred pounds. Blah.  Oh well, this is what i will go through in order to quit allowing tobacco to rule me, as i did start to smoke more and more, plus i cannot like the smell of myself after smoking.  Don’t get me wrong i did not smoke in my home, outside only. I was so very dedicated you would find me out there even if it was twenty blow zero. But i feel the need to stop so i am.


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