Well now they went and done it,  didn’t they. If i were them,  i would be very up set with the guy that was hired to do the measuring and calculations. After all i’d be busy with the preparations of the cannon and it’s ball. But that is just the way i would see it,  just as shocked as everyone else and out of my head with worry. What will they think of next.

Life is like that . . .You are just sitting there having a coffee and a cannonball comes through your wall.  I can and am sorry to see the humor in this. But i do and am sorry.  If the people in the house didn’t stroke-out,  by the noise of it all, they sure will be pissed at the cost of the damage and things lost. [ That is the worst thing ], to have your stuff lost. Your stuff, is YOUR STUFF and all you have, and  all you are.  But to lose it?  [of someone elses mistakes] is horrible. You can not get back what you once had.

BUST THIS MYTH if you will.   People say, there is no such thing as { The short end of the stick people.} But my grandmother spoke of these people all the time. The short end of the stick people. I never knew what she was talking about or what she met by this saying, but i remember it quite well. “You gotta watch’em short end of the stick people, they’re quicker than you think.” or she would say. “there’s more short end of the stick people you’ll ever know, so you watch outside.”  I think i came across a couple in my life time but how many are there?

I was just little,  i know, but i learned when grandma spoke,  it weren’t for nothing. If i remember correctly she didn’t do much talking, so i knew when to listen and hear her when she did,  and always watch for these people. And No,  i do not know how dumb this may sound but life is like that sometimes. You actually go through life practicing things adults make you believe.

Quite frankly i would love to have the stats on this matter. How many people in the world and how many of them are  [ the short end of the stick people ].  The Mythbusters can start with the cannon ball people.

I only say this as i am one of the short end of the stick people and with my luck if that cannon ball came through my wall i’d more than likely receive a bucket of tar and a bale of hay.  Not really but that is just a description of what it would feel like.  You know something there like that.   “Sorry we could not find the same coloured wood as your’s we hope you don’t mind scarlet.”

Life is like that for some people whether we like it or not or whether you like it or not.  You have no choise but to take the short end of the stick.  So saying all this,  i’d like to say the Mythbusters belong in THEDOGHOUSE.

I have just been offered twenty bucks,  to tell a joke in there. Right in the middle of all this.  And you know what?  I think i will as Christmas is coming and i could buy a nice gift with that for someone or put it in a sock under the tree or pay a bill.  I took the twenty. Besides . . .It’s not that bad of a joke, maybe. But life is like that so here goes.

What did the old lady say to her husband when the cannon ball came crashing through her wall while she was starting the dish water in the sink.

What the hell Jesus is going on, they bowling in heaven again.  No,   her husband said, i didn’t pay the water bill.   

Or they could have thought it was an air strike and their house was being boomed [ which wouldn’t be funny because they are old ], but what did the husband say to his wife  while  sitting down to dinner, and a cannon ball comes crashing through the wall.

” I told them not to build the ten pin bowl over there.”  

Mythbusters are not the only people who ever made a horrible mistake and i for one hope there was no harm done to any human or animal when it happened. But i do want to know if the myth,  they were trying to bust,  got solved.  I myself make horrible mistakes and i just made one by typing the rotten joke, because the guy just took back his money. But i will keep what i did and leave it at that because life is like that.  And i too,  like many of you, have great ideas,  but they won’t damage anything and go through walls.




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