YIPPEE. I Love winter and snow and Christmas

the snow will cover the dog poop and i get to decorate THEDOGHOUSE and presents will sit under the tree. Yippee. I have not thought what i might want for Christmas,  i am busy trying to clean and while i clean i am wishing and wishing for lots of things. But these things are not what i want, they are things i wish that could make things neater or cleaner or just gone.  And i know with the snow iwon’t have to pick up dog poop until spring.

dog poo

If it snows this will be gone


So white so nice

So far it snowed just once and that was November 23, 2011. Usually we have snow at Halloween and it sticks around and piles higher than my knees by this time of year, so lucky us. but not this year. We have no snow, which makes me remember when i was a child my father said. “One day we will be florida and florida will be us.” it sounds nice but i can’t take the heat, and snow is cold but so very pretty all glittery and sparkles with the sun.

We have lots of fun making snowmen and snowballs and waiting for Christmas day.


So clean


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