Grandchildren are the best, they are little seeds of us and i have two little seeds of me. [ lucky little children ] They both look up to me. And i do my best to guide them without interfering with their parents standards. I guess what i do,  is,  i listen to the children and they listen to me. No! I do not let them get away with screaming and taking fits or any other silliness they pull, i do my best to reason with the children,  on their,  level,  as my level is too much complexed for their little brains to grasp all at once. Over the years i have learned how to deal with babies toddlers and children. My first learned was my first child which is nothing like having sisters and brothers. Not even close. [ Well a little bit ]. I have to say this because having younger siblings {If you care}, teaches you without you knowing your being taught.  Because life is like that!  Life shows us stuff all the time, it is up to each of us to understand this at one point in time, and use what you know. And what i realized was that each and every child is different. [ I was in my twenties when i was hit with that understanding ],and i know  people,  who do not understand something like that.  How many people do you, [ NO ]. How many people have you heard,  say,  children are all the same?  “That is a load of crap!”  Those are the people who don’t really care or like children in the first place and in the second place you have life and it’s like that, full of different things, ideas, beliefs and feelings.

Making soup

Crack-a-lacking soup anyone?

I on the other hand as simple and dumb as me UNDERSTAND everything is different, even my grass on my lawn is not the same as your’s.  And these two grandchildren, my two little seeds, are so different from each other and their cousins, who are so different from each of themselves. I love them all,  and they are so funny,  and the things they think and do are crazy, but they are children that we brought forth to this life. GET IT!  WE BROUGHT FORTH  How can we not like what we do, if we did it?

OH . . .never mind.   I do a lot of things i wish i didn’t and i don’t like it or understand it., so that is now understandable to me,  as how some people think children are all the same. All Children,  do lots of silly things, therefore placing them under the categories of THE SAME.   Something there like that anyway.

But i like and Love children as i was once one.

4th of july

I can do this forever and never sleep

So with my grandchildren and other children, i dance and play and go for walks and have talks.  I do not have the trouble their parents do. But i can tell you it is because i listen. Life is like that, you listen and when you hear you will know how precious our children are. Like our mineral underground our children.

And i for one will always do my best to make sure any child around me doesn’t get the short end of the stick. {I am not talking about beatings and lick’ens} i am talking about fairness and equals. That way they grow up with those values because life is like that.


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