This is such a hectic thing to do as there is no thinking any further than he actual thought.  Just Bam  !  We do it . . .I know i do.  Just out of the blue i want to do something and i just go do it. i don’t even take the time to think of any out come what so ever.  WHY do i do that! I get in so much trouble, well not all the time some of the things i just do,  work out,  just fine.  Like the time i jumped off the bridge. Yes! I jumped off because someone else did.  NO!  It was not because they did, it was because the kid was little and the bigger boys bullied him into doing it. I Jumped off because it just seemed like the right thing to do. I had no time to think about fear or any other thought, just save the kid.


There better not be any sharks

When i hit the water i was well aware of it, it hurt but there was no time to think about that either because the cold currents and rushing waters were dragging and pushing me a lot faster than i had in mind. But there was not time for that too as i had to concentrate on finding for the boy.

The water was shit ass cold,  i was thirteen going on fourteen,  saving a kid. And i was mad!  I could not wait to get my hands around that child and get the big boys when i got out of this.   For one thing i am always afraid of sharks! Where there is water there could be sharks. [in my mind ].  Anyway, the little boy was splashing his arms and choking by the time i reached him but he was fine, scared but okay. He will never do that again, jump cause someone tells you to.  Really . . .But will i? That remains to be seen, who knows, this time i could change my mind.

The pool

Just checking for sharks boy before we get in



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