Why do my parents beat me? Am i bad? NO!  Maybe YES! I cannot tell you if you are good or bad you can.  But i can tell you beatings are not the answers to making you good. I have six sisters and now only one brother. But we were beat all the time not just here there ALL THE TIME. With sticks, belts, brooms and anything else that came off the floor, even cups. So i can,  tell you and i do understand.

You may not like the answer but it is the answer.  YOUR PARENTS WERE BEAT TOO.  They just did not break the chain and they beat you. It is the only thing they know to do when they feel you are out of their control.  Hopefully when you are older with children you have broken the chain knowing you did not like this act upon you and you will not allow anyone to touch your child, not even you.

And i know it may seem like your parents hate you, but believe me they do not hate you, they do not know how to discipline you except to beat it into you.

If you are not afraid to talk to your parents then don’t be afraid to ask them why? But NO SWEARING AND YELLING that will only cause reaction of the kind you do not want. It is scary but it is simple, ON A GOOD DAY  ask your parents separately,  do you love me.  Or dad do you wish i was different?  But be prepared for the answer. It may get nasty or it may be fine. Should anyone of them say [yes when you are like this or if you would do this].  Don’t question it.  Do not!  Then kindly ask [ What was it like when you were little, did you ever get lick’ens? ]  REMEMBER TO KEEP IT ALL NICE  You get upset they get up set. We do not want them up set. Learning how to talk to each other is just as scary because it is easy for swearing at one another to start. And when that starts we know what happens.  I can tell you i have never not once yelled or cursed at my parents. NEVER.  But i did learn to do just what i was told as they are the ones in charge of me until we reach a certain age then it is all water under the bridge.  History . . .A new respect developes if you allow it. They do not hate you they do not know any different and if they were beat how is it wrong for them to beat you? By law they know it is wrong but at the same time. Where was the law when they were getting beat? This is a very touchy topic.



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