Why Do I Need Love


Why do i need love when there are so many people who can live without love. These people don’t even think about love. Why?  I need Love. I,  for some reason or other

Ferry sail away

I only ask that you love me

feel i can not live without love, thought i do indeed live.  How do i live in this world without love?  Simple . . .There happens to be people in my life who would have a hard time if i died and knowing this keeps me a live. They are what i live for, thought i do not want to die, i just want love and there isn’t any for me. 

I will continue to search but get fatter in the process. Which will make it harder for the person to even like me i know but i am willing to take the risk, That way i will know for sure they do in fact love me. Then i will do something about my sitting and eating and do my best to transform myself into a hot bombshell. Look out doghouse.

Do i need love due to a childhood thingy?   probably yes. But which one, which thingy back there warrants my attention for love? And why can’t i be like one of those people who don’t need love.


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