Hello, So you want to know about me. You won’t like it. Because i will tell you the truth as i am the Thetaler.   I will also tell you a taler can not lie.

I keep to myself. This is not good but this is what i do. Now are you ready for this? I am a stupid person, rather dumb at times and idiocy lies within me. And NO! i do not feel a shamed of what i am, because on the same hand i have wisdom and at times i am rather intelligent. But to get other people to see this in me is a very hard thing to do.

I know who i am and what i am so i am okay with this. Silly me. I tend to have great fun with myself, understanding all that i say. And yes There are to many times i wonder why i say things. But don’t we all?

I have a great memory for happenings but none at times for small everyday things. Meaning the small things are nothing to worry about.

As the Thetaler that i am it only seems fitting to tell you things that come into play. Things like why and why and why? I wonder these things myself.

There is not much to tell about myself rather than give you the stories. And Yes, i know lots of people will not like the stories, but thankfully they have escape button, not sure where it is but  [ x ] always mark the spot.

I also wish things like i had a toilet in my computer room or a can to pee in. What would it matter this is the doghouse of the Thetaler. You can read about the other things i wish when i am not telling you stuff.

I get lazy or give up but i never stop loving. I know who i am, i and i stand in this world a lone.

WELCOME TO MY WORLD but keep your shoes clean as i allow them on my floor. But one more thing . . .I will dot my  [ i’s ] and place my comas where i feel they need be, i thank-you for this, as i once said i am no better than you and you no better than me.   Should you find yourself dabbling into my mind thoughts,  fear not  in nonamesdot.org  and THEDOGHOUSE, names will never be mentioned. 

I am the Thetaler not the accuser. That is somebody else.

So . . .Are you okay with about me?   I am okay with you reading.



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