Do You Think Aliens Have Ever Visited Earth


Now there is a thought for you. A thought several people do not wish to think about. My mother! don’t mention aliens to her, she get nuts, which leads me to think she really knows. Take me to your leader is not a cliché.

They tell us stories about our universe and the vastness of space, how is it possible not to have other planets in this Cosmos of galaxies.  I cannot imagine people but i can imagine creatures of some sort. I believe atoms take form no matter where they are from as long as there is air and water a long with other elements. Perfect example . . .Sea Monkeys?  What is that? A little package of stuff that you buy and bump in a fish bowl and add water. Have you ever wondered about Sea Monkeys? I have!   And i had that package and grew my own. But that is not here or there, Aliens are what we are talking about.

What is an  Alien anyway. You have your choice in two areas, one being a foreign foreigner or a creature if you will,  from another planet.  We now upon this earth we have always had foreigners as there are four or seven corners to this ball they call Earth.

Do i think Aliens have paid us a visit?  Yes i do . . .But we are a violent creature ourselves and always ready to save our planet.  This being said,  sometimes it is not always a good thing  to know stuff really is out there.  How many people do you think will in fact will flip out knowing what,  things are kept from us.

We live in a world where stability is called politics not stable minded people. And those politics feel it very strong in the fact that the less people know about Aliens the safer they are, we are. But this is just my thought and my thinking. Nothing to run home to mommy to. Besides If you think these Aliens are nice to look at think again. They do not come from a place where the air and water is fantastic, and we know  the kind of state,  things,   can appear without water and air.

And just for those of you who would like to meet these Aliens there are my friends, thought they are not friendly they are indeed Aliens visiting our Earth.

Before i am this i am

i tried to live among you

You have all i need to exist your eyes are last to go


You can not stop us we are here we want your Earth


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