Money Is The Root Of All evil #3


So here we go again . . .Money, money, money. Nasty fun stuff, that is what i will call it for now,  because one can have so much fun in a nasty way with money.  [ how nasty is that ] but all in all it was fun telling you this.  [ it only feels fitting i let you know


I worked hard for my money now i can have this

giggling at the nasty part of it ].  And maybe it is a good thing i do not have the funds to play around in the nasty stuff, and that is funny too.

I am doing my best without any money to write a book [NORA ] I have no choice in this matter as this character pokes and probs at me day and night,  i think i have gone completely mad. [ am i her ] did she take over me, if i had money i could go find that out. Why does everything we need done or want,  have to cost money.  I have made so many flipping pies to barter with and people just laugh.  They only take money.  But i can tell you if someone gave me the right a mount of money i would cut down a nice sized tree and barter with that.  Money comes from our trees and elements in the ground does it not. [ i planted six trees, plus two in my yard ].  I wish i was in control of all the money . . .I’d  let you all make your own, then we would all be equal. Right . . .Wrong.

Everybody would busy making money and not paying attention to their loved ones, if they have any that is.  No matter what we do it all involves that evil thing called money. Does money make us love, do we think things like, i will love you if you have money, i don’t love you today cause you have no money. . .But wait, buddy here again wants to give me another twenty dollars if i tell a dirty joke.  wierd if you ask me, but it’s for the money. [ yes i care about you readers ] But this is money we are talking about, now i can pay another bill or something here like that.

Okay this joke is French, so the spelling may get a little rough.

They are Pierre and Marie, and one day pierre said to marie, “Marie,  i am so bord,  i vant to put my fingure,  in your ballybutton.”

“But Pierre . . .i do not vant dis, no pierre.”   “But Marie, i vant,  to put my fingure,  in your ballybutton.”

“Pierre i don’t like dis,  i don’t vant your fingure  in my ballybutton.”   “Oh Marie please, please let me put my fingure,  in your ballybutton,  just one time.  Please Marie it will be so much fun.”   “Okay, okay pierre,  put your fingure,  in my ballybutton.”   “Oh Marie, my turtle-dove.”

“Awe . . .Pierre,  Pierre . . .Dis is not my ballybutton !”  “But Marie,  dis is not,  my fingure.”

What would we do for money .   Everytime we turn around we get twisted in amongst the evil root of money. . .Well, who started this and how can we fix it.   What happens to people with no money, how do these people exist among us,  without us knowing they are there, how do these people live in card board boxes in snow storms and have not a dime for hot soup. Sorry about that, soup is not a dime is it 2.99.  The cost of living gets higher and higher almost every year. Sometimes i wonder what it will be like in ten more years. How will money consume us then.

No matter how you want to look at it,  money,  makes people poor.  NOT WE OURSLEVES.  Money is the cause of the existence,  of poor people. Sure we all have to work to make this money but what if you have no money in the first place . . .Then you have no shoes or cloths and look dirty and smell with rotten teeth, and you cannot get hired to earn a living.  Or your parents had no money to send you to school because what little money they had they used it on nasty stuff to full fill nasty needs.  You know i actually heard a woman yell at her seven-year old son to get a job if he wanted skates for christmas.  Except she used the [  F  ] word a lot,  and she had nice cloths on,  make-up, a fashionable purse and shoes, and the boy looked slobbie with a dirty face. I wouldn’t hire him cause he looks dirty, so i don’t understand where the mother was coming from.

I don’t get paid to write you this stuff,  i get offered 20.00 to tell a nasty joke.  See how evil that is.  But that is life,  and life is money. Without money we have no life or we have a rather short one.

What is life without the stuff. Picture yourself with no money if you can.  Not with a couple of dollars in your pocket, none! Then see how nice people with money are to you.

Money and what it gets you

Now i work all day and i can do what i want I even have money left over for a new box.


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