We spend so much time on  BEAUTY  we forget what is important.  We only have ONE  life to live devote it to FASHION and it’s TREND.

I sometimes wonder how it worked out with the cavemen.  This  Beauty  Fashion   &   Trend.  Did they even get to wash?   I’m sure they did, just not often, lack of


Can you love me

plumbing supplies i guess.   But not if a body does not look like a hungry model, nobody wants to touch it.   Maybe there is too many people  for each other so we use each other sparing, a dime a dozen or something like that there.  Forgetting all about love but not the sex and lust.  Which of course if you get or have the sex or lust, chances are you fit into the categories of Beauty, fashion and Trend.

There is so much love out there with no place to go, people just throw it away,  when it reaches out to them. I am sure if you put it in their hand they would drop it,  cause they don’t know they have it or what it is, or something like that there. Love is easy yet so hard to get.

We love our cars, our hats, our shoes, our baseball bats, when we should love each other. I know because i  search for it, as i am sure so do plenty of people, the ones that don’t follow the trendy beauty of fashion.  I would love to meet a caveman, i would even change my name to [ Jane ]. I  am sure she was really pretty sitting in the sunlight raking a fish bone through her hair for her [Tarzan ].

Of course this brings me back to MONEY, if you don’t have it you cannot afford the fashion of trendy beauty to find love, or something there like that.  Is love money?   I know we love money.  And how many of us are willing to fall in love, build a life, with someone who has never any money.  You, the willing,  are the very people who know what love is, hats off to you.


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