What Is A Bully


Someone who orders you around.                           All the time

Someone who ridicules you.                                     Just to make others laugh

Someone who hurts you.                                            For fun

These are called BULLIES                                        They like to BULLY                                  Especially  the  BULLIED

Bullies gain a greater strength over the people they Bully around

While bullied people suffer with no courage          Doing dirty deeds to please their Bully

What is a BULLY

1.   mean

2.  bad

3.  Heartless                                                      lots of other un-nice things

I would tell you a story but you like it short and quick to the point,  should i attempt this short story for you and  fail, I will do my best next time.

Once upon a time there was this girl and she thought she was in love with this guy, sure this guy had all control over her but, he always made her believe she was special around certain people. Plus the sex stuff, it always maked up for his getting out of control. She was happy until a couple of  her friends, contnued on about her being bullied by him.  Short end of it is, her very friends bullied her into leaving a place where she excepted her life as it was,  with this man,  very happy and in love.  Sure he bullied her, but he never hurt her and he really,  really did love her.  I know now she cries and drinks and has lost all care.   And him . . .he is a bully and really doesn’t care

WHAT IS A BULLY                                        A bossy person               and if they can’t be your boss you are not their person.

The End

Final Morph




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