I Am Sorry to AMY SKY


I would love to apologize it would be grand to say sorry in person.  But we all know how that goes.  You’re a famous singer and i am a nobody.  Wait a minute . . . I am somebody who paid to see you sing when you went to Ottawa, then i stood in line for your autograph.  You were fantastic, you even wore awesome brown cloths, and up close you were beautiful to look at.  I not gay or a stocker or anything like that, just a silly girl who went to se you.

I don’t remember the year, it was 2000 or 2002 or 1999 for all i know.  But your song – Love Pain – the whole damn thing, was all over the radio and i found that song quite appealing to the ear so i learned it singing it every time i heard it or on my own, filling in time as i cleaned or just felt like singing.   Then you came to Ottawa the capital city of Canada. And i was offered the opportunity to go see you.

I am not a person to venture out but i could not say no to seeing and hearing you do that song.  I was ecstatic to go and could not wait.

Go i did and sang Love Pain along with you. I listened to all your stories about your songs and had a great time even that Gunther guy you had up with you was very good to listen too, nice voice.  The whole show was something to be seen.  Your songs [ 4 ] of them touched my heart and made me cry.  I wished i could tell you this.  And to my surprise you stayed to sign autographs.  No way could i leave without an autograph and be so close to tell you   you were great.  Wow how  lucky could  i  be . . .Great way to end a night.

Well doesn’t wonders cease all . . .Me!   You poor lady to meet me.  But i am quite sure if the meeting was under different circumstances it would have went much different from what it did.  I froze.  I morphed.  I went inside myself.  Just so turns out i am very bashful especially when a lot of people are around.  I keep to myself.   But here i am in line getting closer and closer to you and your pen until i am standing right in front of you handing you my ticket to sign.

I remember you barely looked up at me when taking my ticket and asking who to sign it to, but i also know you had quite the line up and many more people  were still waiting their turn with you as it was twenty minutes or so by the time i got to you.  And the whole time i waited my turn i prayed for courage to be able to tell you what i thought of your [4 ] songs.  Then as you sat there signing my ticket i thought i had the balls to talk to you so i did.  And you became interested in me and wanted to hear more. The line up was now on hold and we were chatting all your time became mine and me.

And then it happened . . .I told you your voice was very CLEAN CRISP AND CLEAR you looked up at me for a bit then said Thank-you, I am happy you enjoyed it.   So then i thought while i had your attention i might as well tell you FOUR [4 ] of your songs made me cry.  And you stood up to speak with me.  You wanted to know which four songs made me cry and asked if i could remember what they were. . .But as i tilted my head off to the left of me to think of the names, i noticed everyone was looking at me talking to you standing up for me.  Then everything went blank and i became shy and needed to get out,  and you grab hold of my left arm asking me please and i said,  never mind,  trying to get away and you still holding on to me and everyone still watching and your body guards moved in and the guy beside me [ my friend ] started saying Hay hairy will you sign my autograph, hairy what about me, come on hairy i want an autograph too,  hay hairy sign my ticket  at least five or six times before you let go of my left arm.    have been wanting to say sorry to you for so very long Miss Amy Sky.  And i have this Blog so i am saying Sorry to you for my bashfulness out in public.

But don’t ask me the names of the songs now as it to long ago  i would have to hear the whole show with the stories over again.

That was one hell of a concert.   AMY SKY      I am sorry.

The player



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