Well there you have it . . .I gave in . . . I quit almost everything . . .The only thing holding me down is my children, they are my values in life.

I taught them never ever to give up, how can they know i did.   Then it would be, [ Mom,  how could you,  and  why would you do that,  there are lots of other things ]  Needless to say i do not wish to discuss any delima’s i may have and argue with anyone.   This way of thinking is what keeps me open, going through life with a purpose like everyone else.

You see death is not the answer to anything . . .Most Certainly Not . . .It is most definitely a mistake!      This sort of mistake is made unknowingly.

Quite frankly while in this mindset, nothing can over come us.    The mind can set it’s self securely in a weakened state, taking over all on its own.

The mind can be a very scary place.  Remember . . .Every child is installed with a guide-line as how to and how to not, well into their twenty-first year of life,   imagine the thought of really knowing how many different  values people pass-on to their children, that are violent or prejust, causing miss-guided morals.  Trust this take over of thoughts,  inventing structures of unbreakable walls, forcing turmoil to embed it’s self, leaving no capacity for any other thoughts.   Especially escape . . .   THERE IS ESCAPE . . .WE SWOLLOW OUR PRIDE AND MOVE FORWARD!

Now that we know this,  the ONE and  ONLY thing left is . .

1.   Sit QUITE and look back at how you lived as a child.

2.   How were you as a teenager.

3.   How many lick’ens did you take and get up.

4.   What makes this beating any worse.

5.   what worse can happen and what can you do to change any of it.    [

The Player

Every penny counts

and don’t say nothing ]

6.   Stop caring  about the mess you are in and care about getting out one day at a time. [ EVEN IF IT TAKES FIVE YEARS.]

Ask these questions    How many times did you wish things were different and did nothing to help it.  How many times did you pick yourself up so far.  Is this the first time you want to quit giving up life?   We have to deal with playing out the problem at hand changing the way w think.

Why do we allow problems to break us down? . . . I will tell you   [Those  guidelines  learning life. ]   None of them comply much when you keep getting beat down do they.  But they should . . .They are to keep us strong reminding us how things were taken care of back then.  We  woke up the next day and faced it.  So we learned to take it,  and face it,  and should not forget our values no matter how these structure were build.

Life is how you live it nothing more.  But life can be the best thing in the world or the worse, depending on HOW WE EXCEPT IT    good or bad but we all want to live, only giving up when we see no road leading to a door of easy escape.  LIFE IS HARD,  so is winning the lottery so is raising a family, so is climbing mount Everest, so is crossing a lake full of starving crocks, but it all has been done.  We only have one life so live it as long as possible and ask your doctor for help and do what they tell you.


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