Why Children Get The Short End Of The Stick SECRETS.


I’ll tell you why . . .Indeed the child can not fight back against a non child or a gown-up.  Especially when this older group of people gang up all agreeing with the fact of things.  The child has no choise but to take what is learned by all around them, and hope not to get into trouble, with what is called misguided information.  I can attest to some pretty horrible acts placed upon children almost on a daily routine, I  can only pray,  the child grows up being able to fit in society, I seldom wonder about those children and what became of them. The short of the stick had the better of them for the most crucial part of their new lives.

We all know, or I should say every human being should be raised with the same values in life’s path, but plenty of children are; beat, slap, hit, or burn or some other form of punishment, while others are raised up proper.  We all know we blame the child telling them they should have done better or something there like that, and  it is pretty easy to see and understand why some children act the way they do.  The short end of the stick.

How many people do you know hurt and yell at their children on a daily basis and how are those child, how do they act.  You don’t! Because it is always behind closed doors.  These are the secrets of  [the short end of the stick kids.]  I tell you what . . .These kids are going to retaliate,  but not against me I’m nice . . .Oh wait a minute, no body knows I’m nice.

Yet I was raised like one of those children, [ short end of th stick kids too.]  So I can understand why they do the things they do.  We can even share secrets.

Good night to all and remember . . . We are all raised by adults  or someone much older.

Welcome to our world

awe look, isn't that cute, say %$#@


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