Share something you wish you had done differently.


Lord  lord  lord . . .Don’t we all wish that once in our life?  I did! and I am not ashamed, I just wish I did it different.

It was the summer of 1965 or 67, that made me ten or eleven at the time. My family went to a place in Quebec to camp, and while an older sibling was staying in charge of other people’s children, I was having fun with my parents and rest of us kids. But then one day a horrible fright was put into me, [we won’t get into just yet] and that evening the older sibling came back wanting to change places with me.  Sure,  I was afraid anyway, even with my mom and dad to be out in the night in a tent. I was going to be safe in a house, with walls.

Well now it turns out that I am in a BIG HOUSE by myself and two little children! And that is why the older sibling did not want to stay. We were the babysitters, way out in no-where land in the middle of the woods . . .Now the tables have turned and this is a whole new ballgame . . .   I am a kid and the only thing in a kids mind like mine is werewolves and vampires [thanks to Micheal Landon and Bella Lugosi] I am stuck alone with a four and two-year old, in the woods, in the night, by myself, locked in a room up the stairs, with the only key.  P.s.  I pulled all the blinds in the house down.

I always practiced to be a better spy than double-o- seven,  so I thought it was a good idea to lock us in the bedroom up the stairs and quietly read a story so they would sleep, then I could listen for werewolves and vampires, watch and keep the kid safe, but it didn’t go that way, the kids started to ask questions about the book!  Then we were deafened by the loudest grueling howl a cat could make, then the kids start to crying making all sorts of noise, and now I could not hear any thing else,  and now  they wanted to go to the bathroom!  NO FREAKING WAY WAS I GOING TO UNLOCK THAT DOOR!   Come on I’m ten years old and just because  they may not now about werewolves and vampires

werewolves and vampire

Want help with that fudge

I do! . . .Now they are crying going to tell their mom that I won’t let them go to the bathroom so I did the only thing I could do, I gave them a speech telling them that when I open the door they run into the washroom as fast as they could and close the door and don’t dare open it until I say so. Fine, fine. But that is not what they did! While they were out there peeing I was lock in the bedroom and the cat was freaking out again which made the kids start crying again and my mind thinking again, and now the kids are banging on the bedroom door wanting in and I won’t let them incase these villains are indeed in the house coming for us, plus I told them to stay in the bathroom.

Anyway I gave in,  unlock the door saving them, and once again we were all together locked in the room, when I could hear a car coming.   FREAK’EN YIPPIE . . .They are back,  I quickly unlocked the door and ran down the long flight of stairs making my way through two rooms in the dark,  run out into the night to the on-coming car.  Except it was not them, it was a car load of big boys,  but I had to be brave asking if they knew these people and would they please find them and tell them a werewolf ate their cat and we heard it run away, that  it might come back cause the kids are crying. I wished I did that different.

Long story short,  the boys found these people sending them home where I got in trouble and the biggest fright in my life that night. . . You see the house was very old and had a wood-shed build on the side of it. Their dad went out  to get wood to burn a fire so she could make fudge, then he walked me around the house and down to the cellar  reassuring me there was not werewolves in the house, that what we heard was a racoon, then he  left for bed leaving the door open,  then she told me I had to stay and stir the fudge as soon as it started to boil or  it would burn,  she was going to the bathroom . . .THE BATHROOM WAS A LONG WAY AWAY.  Why big people don’t listen to kids is beyond me, she left me there with a threat.  So there I was,  alone,  stirring dumb fudge on the wood stove when the door happened to opened wider and stop. Well I ain’t stupid . . .I jumped behind the wood stove and prayed for my life in hopes she would come back and the werewolf would eat her in my stead as she was much bigger.  Meanwhile the fudge was bubbling all over the stove.  She is back and calling my name.  I stood up from behind the stove and she said.  “What are you doing,  your face is so white you look like you seen a ghost,  my fudge is burning all over the stove.”  I wish I would have done that different . . But no way was I leaving the safety of the wood stove.

Good night


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