WE must learn to hear and be able to listen when people or children have lost all hope. . .Where there is no HOPE there is no glory in anything,  NONE,  NONE! . . .We do not understand that these people believe there is nothing left, no way out of the darkness they are locked into. And we do not see the darkness around them.  Sure we hear them “complain” but what do we take it for? We all take it for Blah blah blah blah blah, blah blah blah. Blah blah! We all complain! We all have problems!  So we are not capable of connecting the dots leading to death, a horrible lonely affair. Our only answer to this is “Oh get over it. Tomorrow is a new day.”  Sure and whole new day for crap to swim all over them once again.  I don’t get it. . .A cry for help, a cry for mercy, a cry from a child getting its first needle, we put these behind us and go on with our day.

I am no expert on this subject but I have had four friends and one brother who have end their lives all in the name of peace.  No answers to their demise no hope at the end of their faded light. I am a shamed to say I did hear their cry only not to be understood,  as I too had my problems, which were indeed  blocking out the fact that theirs always involved the words die, death, hang my self, shoot my self, end it all, the only way out, you don’t understand me, nothing to live for, nobody cares go to the river and jump in, might as well jump off the bridge.

I am sure there are more words they use and we still do not catch on.  What will it take for us to understand that these people are deadly serious when they cry one to many times before we hear, and they die.

Why is it we only hear and try to listen after the death, telling ourselves ways of how we could have stopped it. how we should of this and how we could have that. Why can we not hear and understand a cy for help when it is right here in our faces in the beginning.

Should we take all problems as a cry for help . . .YES!  Why not. People and children do not run around all day crying for help!

We can see in their faces and hear in our minds that they are not happy.  They sit around or drink, or hide away from society. A place they do not fit in and not excepted with their cry for all lost hope.

Can we learn to understand? Do we help my contacting doctors,  police, hospitals. Who do we turn to when we think a cry for life is upon us.  Do we just continue not to hear and understand?

It is very sad to know SUICIDE is their only way out, their only answer for peace. THE ONLY MEANS TO AN END

When is it to late?  When we hear the bad news!  But all the while the black death is waiting.


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