What makes a bully pick on certain people?     The size and the shyness in the bully’s path.

Why do people bully?    Because in their mind’s eye,  the only rule in life is their own.

When is a bully?    A bully is when, they and their followers, are alone with the victim. 

Where are bullies?    Everywhere . . .work, schools, churches, playgrounds, swimming pool, bars, standing on the corner.

How to spot a bully!   This is a hard one because bullies can have the nicest face and the sweetest voice.  You have to find that  [  small circle of friends ] where the whole bunch of them only obey just one mind.    That will be the bully.

How to stop a bully! . . .Until the bully fully understands how they are acting in a selfish mode and is willing to come to terms with the very fact that all man is created equal and must abide by one same rule . . .

why do I get bullied? . . .As much as it hurts to say this, it is because I allowed it the first time doing nothing at the time to stop it or show I was not playing into the bully’s  mean game.  I was unable to converse in a matter in which the bully would leave me alone, letting fear take hold of me which entertained the group.  So they come back when they get bord or want cheap action and ridicule more.

I know a bully but they are my friend. . .To that I can only say, what kind of bully would they be? Just down right out fun bully or dangerous. And what kind of person are you too  like to ” Hang” with a dangerous bully in the first place.

surprizing enough you probably know a bully and don’t even know you know one. Again, that is how good a bully can conceal themselves and get away with doing nasty things. Unstoppable.

I have bullied and I am certain,  so have you. If you really think about it,  anything you got out of force is a Ballymena in some form. The only difference is the form in which you did it, fun, shyly, or endangerment. 

 BULLIED  BULLIES  BULLY and it stems from a form of trauma,  when they were young,  learning how to cope in what they were born into and carry it out throughout their lives until they stop. 




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