night has come, day is done, sleep well

Something finally goes your way. I do. I have been trying for ever to get a blog out there, and it did not matter what i did nothing happened. Man i was going crazy wasting time writing silly stuff just to see if anything I did made it through cyber space. I even cut my finger nails off[I hate short nails.] I did this to speed up my typing, as my nails were to long and would not hit the “E-e.” key 95% of the time. So what should have taken twenty minutes to type took three hours, something there like that. But now, tonight I typed in my and I came up. I did it. I am so happy. I Love it. . .Even though what ever I did I could not get into any of it, unless I clicked on the date, then it came up. Something tells me that I will have the same problem with this, but I love it.

Sleep well to you who ever you may be.
good night


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