If a website was this easy i can do it.

What are simple instructions and how simple is simple?  Because i am simple as they come. Then they have dumb instructions for dummies that don’t make sense. I can only tell you this because i am the most dummest person around, accroding to the laws of mankind, that is. But what is dumb, is the fact that a non-dummy thinks they can write insructions for the dumb. How is that possible? And why is that non-dummy able to make a killing in the money profit business selling miss-guided infomation to us real dummies. That should be against the law. If i could get every penny i have spent on, “How to books.”, over the years back, i would be raking in the bucks too. Holy sack, I would be able to buy myself something awesome like a real beautiful dress or somehing like that and et me tell you, some dresses cost over 500.00 dollars. And see, that is dumb to me. I can just picture myself going to the store and asking to buy 400.00 dollars in beads and those flat shiny things to sew on my new dress, i’m so dumd i’d try it and quit after i’d sewn on a hundred or so. I went out and bought one of those books on ” how to build a website for dummies.” and I read quite a bit of it before i qiut with out learning a thing , but it sure made my head hurt and right there, i knew,  there was an opportunity for me to become just as rich as these non-dummy people out there writing infomation for us. Well i can write for the dummies and made a killing in the business too, only the differance be, all real dummies will understand and maybe rule the world making everything real simple or something like that. Only thing is,  i would have to take a course to learn HOW TO BUILD A WEBSITE and that would take way to long, but maybe not, it would all depend on the instructions the teacher gives knowing that i be a real live simple dummy,  thust making the process a fast quick learning with lots of laughing and giggles and no hard fellings. Then and only then will a book about “How to build a website for dummies.” be easy to understand instructions for dummies, and the book wouldn’t need 942 pages. I can tell you right there 942 pages of instructions are NOT FOR DUMMIES.

have a good day, night, keep well



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