Let me take you for a ride

No, no get in you can TRUST me

I know of his girl who was new at her school,  several months later,  prom rolled around. She really knew nothing of prom night and had no friends as of yet, but wanted to attend this outting for school.

Against her motther’s wishes she would go on her own even if she had too walk, and walk she would. Only this walk is many miles into town plus she needed cloths!

Well her older sister had plenty of cloths, but better yet, she was not home and would not be until late.

So in her stealth mood she dressed in her sisters skirt taking one of the many pretty tops, a pair of nylons and wore her own running shoes, then left for the prom, and a forty minute car drive walk.

Time past as she made her way to the high-way, she following the bus route way,  the only way she knew, but she was making time running here and there. If there was one thing she could do it was run.

Then somewhere on the high-way a trucker going the other way saw her and tuned around in the dirrection she was going pulling up to her calling out asking if she wanted a ride. “nope, i’m good.”  She continued on her mission and so did the trucker. This did not sit well with her as she watched the truck drive out of sight, her stomach gave rise and her thoughts flooded her brain telling her to remember the color of the 4×4 and the man’s face, as she picked up her speed.

Maybe ten minutes past when there he was again pulling up beside her rolling down the window. “Hey where are you going.” He asked her. “To prom.”  She continued walking not looking at him. ” Holy . . .That is quite far from here. Let me take you.”  “No thank-you i am fine, i can walk there myself.”   “Are you sure?  I am going that way.”  “I said i can get there myself, leave me alone.”

He did he left. But was back minutes later, this time telling her to trust him that he was a father and had a daughter her age and would never let her walk alone it was not safe. There was bad people out here and he was afraid for her.  He pleaded for quite some time with the girl, he promised trust, safety and a dirrect line right, straight,  to the school.  And with all that honest trust having kids talk, she got in the truck.

She was very surprised as to how long they were still driving and talking when he offered her a cigerette. “I ‘m not allowed to smoke.” she said. “No thanks.”   ” You never smoked before?”  “Yeah i tryed it, but if mom finds out i’ll get in trouble.”  “She lets you walk on the high-way alone and won’t let you smoke.  She is not going to know, come on take it.”  She did, she took the smoke and he gave her a light. ” “She doesn’t know i am walking here.  How come you are turning, this isn’t the way, I need to spit my gum out please.  ” You sure are polite, are you always this polite?”  “You’re supposed to be, where are we, this is not the way. This is not the way the bus goes.”  ” No no, you’re right, but this way is out of the way of all the traffic up a head. Didn’t you see the sign back there.”  “No and  don’t like this i don’t know the way this way and i think you should turn around.”

He pulled over with the nose of the truck in the trees placing his arm over he shoulder locking the door and said.  ” why don’t you give me a little kiss.”

Awe man . . .What the shit was she supposed to do now, great!  She wasn’t even sixteen and wouldn’t be for another six months. She is in a truck in the middle of no-where, with a stranger, a big man with his arm over her shoulders holding the lock down wanting a kiss telling her he wanted much more.

She is a small girl wearing her sister’s little skirt, nylons and top, and no one knows where she is. They don’t even know if she just went to the park where she alway goes, to play baseball or basketball. For all they know she is at the neighbour’s playing cards wtih the old lady she befriended shortly after they moved there from the big city.

He started pulling her over close to himslef telling her that she should not of gotten in his truck.   He is strong sliding her across the seat, she moved under his strenght like sliding a plate across the table.  She held onto the cigerette not to drop it or burn anything. This was causing a problem for her giving her one free hand to protect herself, making sure not to soil her sister’s cloths. She knew her sister would kill her if anything happend to these garmets, causing another problem. She spoke.

“If you don’t let me go, i am going to burn your eye out.” She held the smoke like a weapon waiting for his responce while she staired into his now wondering eyes. He became quiet looking at her as she sat there cool and unafraid just looking like a pissed off mountain lion, ready to strike at any given moment, and she was ready, and he was unsure, but he laughed. “Then you should not of trusted me.” He said as he reached for her.  You think you can hurt me with that. You can’t hurt me. You should of not got in the truck,  what did you think would happen to you trusting me.You’re just a little girl out here all alone wih me, now, I said,  kiss me.”

“Oh yeah  . . .i’m not alone, and God will help me burn your eye out.”  That was all she could think of saying at the moment.  “And He told me not to get in with you, but you kept coming back saying you wanted to make sure i was safe. . .And god was right, you are a bad man no to be trusted and if you don’t let me out God will help me hurt you.” He just laughed at that again and made his move saying. “You don’t trust strangers.”   “TRUST! . . .I did not TRUST you. You lied and made me TRUST you. I said NO to you every time and you kept coming back and you said you had a daughter my age and wanted to make sure i was safe, you made me TRUST you.  I didn’t TRUST you, you told me that i could Trust you and i should TRUST you and you couldn’t go home knowing i was out here walking and someone could hurt me. You made me TRUST you. So let me out of this truck now! You lied to me.” She glanced at the burning cigerette still in her hand then back at him. “You made me trust you.”

Talk about guilt trip, the poor man was not sure what to do now, Here he has his mind on rape and this little Sally-ann is chewing him out ready to burn his eye out. He took his hand off the lock removing his heavy arm from around her.  “Look.” He said . . .” Okay . . .I’m sorry i do not know why i picked you up, i never in my life done this before, i don’t know why i did it now. please stay in the truck and if you promise not to tell anyone i will drive you to your school.”

They talked,  he drove,  she never spoke of it again.

good night


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