I can't even find coin

I thought you had candy momey in here

When we are young what do we think about, NOT BILLS, that is for sure. We have a good time and wait for the day we get married to share a life time with a mate and raise a family. Yes depending on the man to bring home the bread whilest i clean, cook, sew, laundry and all the stuff women do. I hate cinderella, kind of. that is not how it works- a castle and maids with everything paid. More like work and work and never get to see a castle because it cost money, the money need for the bills that are always knocking on the door.
Well what happens when we get old and the money that is made is not enough for all the bills and food? What then. To old to stand on the streets, too much pain to sit and beg, too much pride to ask for help.
Should of stayed in school and married for the pockt book and not looks.


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