I am the queen of writers be off with you

First off i want to say hello from me to you. HELLO

Knowing you, you like to read, What do you like reading,  is the big question.  As for me i like to write and i do this all the time. Write write write.  Problem is i really have no one to write to, just myself so far.

But now i found BLOG . . .Hello world here i come. Is this funny>>>This is funny. Because there is no stopping me.

Another poblem is i have several stories already typed out and now have to retype to you, i hate re, doing anything.

Where to start, which one to start,  is going to be a headstorm, but it will get done.

I could do a little each day as i do have a job to go to, by the time i get home i want to sit and sit more and then sit.

But right now,  this is all new to me,  and i really don’t know if this will get anywhere or if anyone will care, plus it took me several weeks just to find my own blog page after i bought it.  And it is still funny to me.

I don’t even know if i know what i am doing, but once you get to understand and know me,  maybe you can tell me.

Right now you can call me the THETALER and i will call you my eyes.


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