I have been away for so long.   What was I doing?   I spent  the last six months writing.  What was I writing? I have written a story containing 188, 486 words figuring the more words the better.  WRONG!

But when we are wrong may as well be wrong right.  Right?

What I ended up having is enough words for three books.  After care full inspection done by this writer, I am ordered to break down this written into three sections for three stories.  

WHEH WE ARE WRONG it feels good to get something good out of it.  Even if it gives us a head ache.

After all that I have written I still have no name for my book, books.  Laughing BUZZER?  HIGH NOON?  TWENTY-SEVEN DAYS?

Maybe  none of the above!   My brain hurts.







Never stopping to take time. Time for what. What  time are you talking about.

Is it the time you don’t give. The time you forgot. The time you forgot about you. That time

What about that time we forgot. The time we let slip away. That time that stays.

Is this the time keeping you down. Time. Time

What time is it with you.





A new post.  What will it be. A little of you.  A little of me. But what will this be. Only stuff about you.  Only stuff about me. Stuff?  What stuff about you and me. I don’t know you.  You don’t know me. But i’m sure there’s a lot of stuff about you and me.

We just have to compare.  We compare like this.

Hair. And I am sure you have stuff about your hair you don’t want people to know about. Me too. I don’t ever want anyone to know I got gum stuck in my hair once, to many questions I don’t want to answer so stuff like that I don’t want people to know.

Hands. I am sure there is lots of stuff you did with your hands you don’t want people to know about. Me too.  This one time with my hands I thought I was picking up some food I saw on the floor in the dim hall-way and it wasn’t food at all, now I had cat diarrhea  on my hands and under my fingernails!  I don’t want anybody to know that.

FEET.  What have we done with our feet!  Do we even think to take care of them?

One time with my feet I did a really really bad thing. But that was,  my feet,  and not me.

So now lets talk about you.

How is your hair, hands and feet. When was the last time you took them out for an ice-cream, or a soda, how about hand-cream, a little brill-cream or a little brush, across your toes or a foot-bath. Maybe you don’t want people to know you don’t treat your hair, hands and feet to anything at all, you just abuse them while they grow old doing lots of stuff for you or on their own that you don’t want people to know.

So start taking care of your hair.  Your hair keeps you warm and can also protect you, sometimes it makes you so good-looking.

Oh your poor hands.  What have you done to your hands. They help keep you alive. They can save your life and you can touch nice things with them.

Look at your feet so tired and red feeling like you are standing on bones in stead with your agonizing pain step after step and still you use them like they were hammers, kicking at boxes and things.

Only the stuff about me is,  i’m a dog.  And the stuff about you is,  your not taking care of hair, hands and feet and you don’t want people to know stuff about your body.

English: Barbary Macaque (Macaca sylvanus) fee...

English: Barbary Macaque (Macaca sylvanus) feet and hands, in Gibraltar Français : Pieds et mains de Macaque Berbère (Macaca sylvanus) à Gibraltar Italiano: Le mani e i piedi di una bertuccia o scimmia di Barberia (Macaca sylvanus) a Gibilterra (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



58,488 words and counting/ BUZZER/ INTERFERENCE


Counting words, I have become the word counter! 58,488 words and counting for my Novel called.  BUZZER.

Adding words, I’ve been drinking coffee and smoking my head off to come up with picture perfect words to add to the counted words.

BUZZER,  no time for blogging. No time for eating.  Oh wait, I will grab bread and a coffee while still drifting around in a head full of words.

But I Love it when I get lost in the words I write for Buzzer, it’s the stepping back out that is weird, but at least the stepping out,  is safer than being pulled out, and  i’m sure you writers know exactly what I mean by that, it’s like waking from a nightmare, confused for a bit.

And how horrible can things be to be disturbed, is another thing to understand,

how deep inside the words you are, while playing out in your mind,

then comes the interference dragging your attention out to peer at this intruder which causing you to realize this interrupter is not part of the story don’t attack.  Because in reality,  you are sitting at your computer swimming away through your mind, streaming out words for a hunt,  then the kill,[ which means], you are not in your room at your computer anymore.

You are in your brain-world grueling through madness to get to the kill and there it is.  Then.  “Do you have to go pee i’m taking a shower.”  Comes flying at you from the other side of the door. Then the door opens where they ask once again.

“What?”                 Stuff! . . . Is said like that all the time here at THEDOGHOUSE. I’m lucky I have 58,488 words so far into BUZZER. My first hand at creating a novel and they want to now if we have to pee. Well the Lamb got away! maybe I should go pee jump’ens I have to track through shit again to catch my kill. If I find it!.

The life of a writer is the ringing in the ears and total silent where they disappear.

“No! I don’t have to pee. Where was i.”






How often do we defrag our computers?   Not very often or often.

O&O Defrag

O&O Defrag (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What is defrag anyway?   Is it like oil to a car?   How far will a car go without oil.

Disk Defragmenter (Windows)

Disk Defragmenter (Windows) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Which will burn out first? A car or a computer?  Both objects neglected equally.

Well here is a blog for you.   I once owned a vehicle or rather had one in my possession, many years ago.  This was a Buick Limited,  first edition 1982, blue like the sky would be at times and mine.  It ended up this was my feet for 14-years, my carrier, my way to get anywhere.  I loved that car and actually shed tears when the time came to let her go. Fourteen years are a long time to keep stuff then get rid of it.

Louis Chevrolet driving a Buick Bug in the 191...

Louis Chevrolet driving a Buick Bug in the 1910 Vanderbilt Cup (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Out of all the years with this Buick I dinged her once or twice actually somewhere in the back of my mind,  it wants me to say three. So maybe I did scratch her a few times but never anything bad where repairs were needed, even though I was minding my own business parking her for a visit, when the car and I were interrupted by this loud thump or bang or big noise then the car and I were not going anywhere. Due to further inspection I found the front passenger side of the car, the front bumper, corner part of the Buick wedged in between a rim on a tow-truck all ready parked.

English: 1958 Buick Limited qualifies for Publ...

English: 1958 Buick Limited qualifies for Public Domain release having received permission to use the image for the purpose of illustrating features of the Buick Limited from Kris Trexler. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Shit if I didn’t see that coming.  Needless to say, the said driver became quite up-set when he look out his window before he sat down to eat his lunch, and there she was all by herself, as I marched off to hunt down the owner of the truck.

That is just one of my car owning driving stories so you at least know I know cars take oil and can indeed drive very long after the oil runs out. Which causes me to wonder if I never defrag this computer, never ever and it gets old what will happen? Will it just stop one day, or will it drag on like a car without an oil change.


Like my car, just one day it died a few feet outside a garage on the road in the winter on a cold day.. I was very lucky my car was still taking care of me to die just where it did.  The Auto mechanic garage people came over to my aid pushing the Buick into the building. I took a taxi home leaving my baby-car there in the safety of these men, whereupon they worked on it to find out why it died.

English: Oil being drained from a GMC Sport Ut...

English: Oil being drained from a GMC Sport Utility Vehicle. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


1937 Buick. Limited series - 90. (3593514158)

1937 Buick. Limited series – 90. (3593514158) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Really though, when I returned the next day to pick up my car and pay the bill. The guy did say to me. “How long were you driving this car.”     I said.   “About a year and a half.”     He said.  “Do you ever put oil in here?”     Well with the look on his questioning face,  I quickly figured this oil thing was indeed the culprit.  So I looked real concerned and said.  “No sirree. I don’t touch any of that stuff.”




I guess you have to oil in a car.

So I am guessing you have to defrag a computer.

1958 Buick Limited Series 700 Model 756 2-door...

1958 Buick Limited Series 700 Model 756 2-door Convertible (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



So i use a DELL PRINTER/SCANNER, which ran out of ink, that i am far enough from a store to buy more ink, i thought i would for the first time order Dell ink off the computer.  So i did, actually impressed with my self for getting it done.

Nuevo moni Dell

Nuevo moni Dell (Photo credit: Manuchis.)






The ink arrived at my place four days later, which is today. October, 9, 2013. Yippie!  I was happy for this as i am days behind on my work, wishing i walked the five blocks four days ago allowing my work to be up to date or a bit more done.

YIP poster advertising the 1968 Festival of Life

YIP poster advertising the 1968 Festival of Life (Photo credit: Wikipedia)









So now reloading the ink . . .Peel off the little plastic protectors, place them in their slots and click print. Of course this requires TARGET practice with the new cartridges so i follow through with this, allowing the printer to print out an alignment sheet.  NOW here is where i turned into an idiot.  After this step of printing the Target sheet you must then do a scan to make sure that will be right as well.  But for some reason or other i ended up right back to the beginning as the scan continued to say it was not working. There was no way I was going to go through for the fifth time.

English: Poster for The Idiot Cycle

English: Poster for The Idiot Cycle (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So me being me . . .Figured i was sent bad ink in bad cartridges and did my best to contact DELL and ask for my money back.   I was very polite and nice and was able to get it all settled with DELL even sending me a link to print out a prepaid return slip.   I was very happy for this service given to me even though i had no ink to print out anything.  So i then went to the store and bought ink, came home and went through step one.  Do the TARGET.  Then do the scan!  Man . . .right away i became silly because this is now going to be my fifth time!

How can i be such an idiot! . . .This time i read the pop-up on the computer screen telling me to USE THE ALIGNMENT SHEET SCAN.          I DID! ALL WENT WELL.  So out of know where i felt like an idiot which caused me to take the newer ink out and try once again with the ink i ordered FOLLOWING ALL INSTRUCTIONS, and it worked.  So like a good idiot i found the phone number of DELL PRINTERS apologizing for my mistake and cancelling the cancellation. Now i have lots of ink and no money. But I did have the best support service any one could have. IMAG1057THANK-YOU DELL




CHILDREN : What is children.  Children are

What we as people put on the face of the earth

CHILD         : What is Child.      A Child is

Human growing out of babe

INNOCENTS: What is Innocent.  Innocent are

The new born

If I was your parent myartscreen, myritingboard would teach and guide you with understanding and compassion. Millions of smiles and tons of laughter. Treating you like a little me deserving gentle scolding piled with Love.

If I was your parent myartscreen, myritingboard would never yell and call you names forcing you to think everyone in your world is allowed to get mad except, not you.   I would allow you to understand we as a parent will teach you there is no need for anger unless a life is endangered.

Don’t cry little child myritingboard understands the innocents in you and where it can be damaged so easily should I falter in thinking you should know better.  I question this, know better than what?  Know better than who?


The adult yelling at you, the one way older than you, the one misguiding you because they have no time or the understanding,  that they were once young too.

what were they like, and who yelled at them or hit them or screamed bad names at them, so they think it is okay to do it to you.

Little child if I could only make you understand it was never your fault just the luck of the draw,  the parents you got so rough on you to have only  the guidance of cruelty to rear you into adulthood with so much hate to offer unto your OWN off-spring.

If I was your parent myatscreen, myritingboard everyday would be a good day even the off days have fun times rolling in and out. Every child in this world deserves all understanding that children are born innocent until TAUGHT to be what the child is becoming.

It’s so hard to mind my business and I would love to wash your parents mouth out with soap  and yell a them and call them names and stay mad at them for hours hammering out the longest speech in the world.   Lock them in a room for days at a time just yelling at them with a loud mic,  saying you are bad you are bad you never listen  you never hear me.  Do you want me to take your car away and throw it in the garbage, how would you like me to take all your stuff away and you have nothing because your not listening to me, Hey would you like that?  I would never stop yelling at them until I got dry mouthed and choked every time I tried to talk.  How would they like that? Then after two hours of yelling at them I will tell them Santa is never going to give them anything ever!,,  And if he does I will through it in the garbage.                MAN!

Young child if I was your parent.

English: A hungry baby yelling and crying.

English: A hungry baby yelling and crying. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)